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CA 2016/2017 Wood Stove Change Out

Governor Brown, has announced a draft state budget which would allocate $40 Million over the next two years to go towards woodstove Changeouts. The money would come from the proceeds of the State’s Cap and Trade Program to reduce California’s Greenhouse Gas emissions.

“We are very pleased as an association to see this kind of step forward from our Governor, and agree that this could have a very positive impact on short term climate emissions,” says Mario Allen, President of HPBA Pacific. Several Air Board Districts are currently in the middle of their own programs, but not with this depth of funding.

“This could potentially help change out thousands of old stoves which is good for consumers and the environment,” notes Allen. Specific details on how the funds will be allocated will be worked out by the California Air Resources board staff if this funding level is adopted by the legislature in the final budget.

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